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What is the story of life given to me? It starts with the question Iran.

How is the life of the person reading this article? Let's close our eyes for a moment and think.

The birth of life, the birth of a baby, and the world and contemporary ties facing the LIFE TIME given to him! By coincidence and inevitability, we spend the time of our life as a day and a day, looking at people around the world starting with the question of what is the dream in our hearts. As a person who seeks answers and answers, he finds his dream and flies every morning. For the beautiful life time journey given to you…

LA (Sun) CROW (Crow) Golden crow to embrace the sun

Humanity has already had a more advanced and superior ancient civilization. A world where God and humanity coexist! Although many races of different skin colors lived in different regions, they have lived in affluent lives, acknowledging each other, even if they had different religions. In addition, the cities had well-maintained pavements and canals, and they were particularly nautical ...

LACROW character story

The girl is 6 years old! The golf club held in his hand earned the reputation of being the youngest golf genius. Growing up as the best amateur, she was spotlighted by Julie Yang, a promising player to become an LPGA star, but suddenly dropped the golf club one day. Because she wanted to challenge another passionate dream that was wriggling in her heart ...







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