LA (Sun) CROW (Crow) Golden crow to embrace the sun


Humanity has already had a more advanced and superior ancient civilization. A world where God and humanity coexist! Although many races of different skin colors lived in different regions, they have lived in affluent lives, acknowledging each other, even if they had different religions. The cities also had well-maintained pavements and canals, and they were particularly good at navigating and actively entering the surrounding world, moving eastward to the Americas to build cultureless mystery city civilizations in the current Amazon region. It is said that his culture (traces) reached China in the west and continued to the continent of Eurasia to Mongolia. However, the prosperous Mu Empire was known to exist as a continent where one day, suddenly the earth shook, volcanoes exploded, and a great earthquake struck, and the catastrophe was destroyed. However, it has been reported that the ancient civilization that has disappeared does not disappear. From the sun-crowned raven LACROW ... to connect God's civilization and human civilization ...



(LA [Sun] + CROW [Crow])

A golden crow that embraces the sun.


• It is a hypothetical story that a highly developed ancient civilization already existed on Earth, and it was embodied as a golden crow acting as a messenger that connects the relationship between God and man.


• LA CROW ART COLLECTION, which creates functions for human eyes and beautiful Korean painters.

(Shin Yunbok Story)