LA CROW Character Story


The girl is 6 years old! The golf club held in his hand earned the reputation of being the youngest golf genius. Growing up as the best amateur, she was spotlighted by Julie Yang, a promising player to become an LPGA star, but suddenly dropped the golf club one day. It was because she wanted to challenge another passionate dream that was wriggling in her heart. study! I wanted to study. The challenge to a new dream had to lay down many opposition and desires, and the commitment to study did not prevent any barriers. This is because the joy of studying under a flashlight while giving up the bed and giving up sleeping was happy.


Eventually she entered the Ivy League Oklahoma State University and shed pure charm in answering the question, "Why is it harder to exercise or golf?" After completing her studies at the University of Pennsylvania in 2020, she set the golf club again, aiming for the LPGA challenge she had been putting off. Impressed by the passion and challenge for her dream, IDEUN proposed to LACROW Main Brand Model to her who resembles the IDEUNIAN dream, and with JULIE YANG player who accepted it, wants to make an emergency for the sun with the goal of emergency.



Genius Golf Girl JULIE YANG This is a work that motifs the dream, passion and challenge of the player.


• La Crow Art Collection The main work is a design that expresses the strength and softness of golf with the sensibility of fashion.


• Challenge is a sunglasses fashion with Julie Yang's unique color that combines a passion and a cheerful smile.


• 2020 LaCrow Sports Edition writer product.

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