Humans who entered the 21st century have increased their lifespan to over 100 years of age, and as they enter the era of the 4th industrial revolution such as IT and IOT, the reality is that their eyesight is rapidly deteriorating. Accordingly, IDEUNIAN people are making and trying to make NATURUL products that are close to the natural environment that are beneficial to many people by researching and developing glasses that can be protected or prevented for changing environments. The first LACROW NATURAL SERIES product is an intermediate product between sunglasses used only at specific places and at specific times, and glasses that can be worn both indoors and outdoors.The function is UV400, PHOTOCROMIC, BLUE LIGHT CUT, etc. It was produced.



CLIQUE products are elite indoor shooting (Olympic sports) products LACROW


Inspired by BULLSEYE eyewear products, it is an eyedresser brand equipped with street fashion and high function that was reborn as a team of art experts from various fields such as fashion, art, and music. The design has the merits of being able to cross various genres in the art field with a dreamy sensibility, and it is a product that shines in a dynamic music genre that can be especially enthusiastic. In addition, the technical component is equipped with a high-quality optical function lens, which helps protect eyesight as much as optical equipment, and is an easy-to-wear product even at night when it is difficult to wear sunglasses.



Elite Shooter's Glasses


Eyeglasses to be introduced to large sports markets such as the Olympics are classified as products limited to a few developed countries. Optical, design, design, and functional sports science and art are all created as a high-tech product. These are the first Korean elite shooting glasses developed over the years under the advice and evaluation of the national team for the first time in Korea. As a breakthrough product that can be worn with comfort in Asian and European countries, it can be introduced as a representative technical product of IDEUN at a premium level born in a new challenge.